What we believe

We believe in honoring the importance of bees and honey in the lives of men. Since pre-history man has revered the bee and the honey she produces. Honey is the real gold of the Panamanian Isthmus. Our honey is a reflection of the enormous biodiversity of the Isthmus.

We are committed to:honey harvest

  1. Producing a healthy natural product. All our honeys are raw, bioactive and minimally filtered.
  2. Developing the gourmet potential of different honeys. We partner with Chef Patricia Miranda of Restaurant Cerro Brujo in Volcan to pair our honeys with food to make beautiful and healthy dishes
  3. Educating and increasing understanding of the importance of bees to sustainable bio-diverse ecosystems. We focus on our tour on teaching people about native pollinators including the native honey bee.
  4. Doing business in accordance with our values; We support three Indigenous families through the farm. We make an honest product by honest means and by taking care of the environment along the way.