Customized Jar of Rare Honey

Available on request. We can fill jars with your favorite flavors, if available. Lovely gift or just a way to get a customized honey. Something unique and only possible because of our enormous biodiversity with hives from sea level to 7000 ft around the Continental Divide covering many different ecosystems, forests, meadows, coastal areas, coffee farms, river gorges and mountain tops.

Our honeys come with many different characteristics.
We can work with descriptors such as 'I like a strong honey not too sweet' ...or, 'I like a salty mineral like honey' ...or ' I want a honey that will go well with xxx food' or, 'I want to try something different'. See our tasting wheel for ideas of how to describe your preferences.
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Price: $8.50

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Customized Jar of Rare Honey Customized Jar of Rare Honey Customized Jar of Rare Honey