Work with Us

Why not come and volunteer on our farm.   We have volunteer openings for people who want to experience our farm and have skills to offer our business.  We are looking for the following skills:

Beekeepers of course, bee scientists or people in the honey business or face/body products made from honey, wax and propolis

People with experience of stingless bees

Vegetarian and health food chefs or cooking enthusiasts.  We are not vegetarians but eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Our honey is gourmet and of great interest to food enthusiasts. We have copyrighted our own tasting wheel for honey.

Baristas or coffee experts. We grow a specialty grade arabica coffee using the philosophy that giving healthy young plants perfect nutrition and cultivating the plants in the correct shaded habitat, allows us not to use harmful pesticides and fungicides.

Tutors or people who can tutor different subjects at elementary level (we have a youngster on the farm!). We are trying to learn French, Mandarin, as well as master the basic three Rs.

People who are good with horses, we have a few here as well as rescue dogs. Riding, exercising, giving riding lessons to our youngster.

Gardening enthusiasts, landscape buffs, orchid experts. We have extensive gardens. This is our passion. New ideas and expertise always welcome.

Web and Internet marketing expertise. We want to expand the reach of this website and other online marketing tools.

Maybe more we don’t know we need but you can let us know what you do and how you can help.  We are amazed by the talent of some of our visiting friends and like any small business in the third world are hungry for talent and exchange of ideas.