About Us

We have a unique offering and we want to share it with people who like high quality honey, love nature and want to make a difference by supporting our small business.

honey-lifestyleWe are passionate about taste. We can offer honey tastings like no other. More varied than anywhere else in the world that we know of. We produce a vast range of different flavors of honey depending on the floral source. This is unique and only possible because of the enormous biodiversity in Western Panama around Volcan Baru. This small Isthmus has Atlantic and Pacific coasts, 11,000 ft mountains and just about every type of forest and grassland in between. Some of our honeys are rare, some we have in larger quantity.

We are serious about health. Our honey and our honey bees are very healthy. We sell raw minimally filtered honey. More than that though, our honey is pure and pristine in ways that are not possible in most of the developed world:

1. Most of our honeys are from wild plants which have no chemical treatment and are utterly pristine
2. Our bees are healthy, we do not need to feed antibiotics or miticides

We want to teach people to better understand how to care for our pollinators. We offer a tour on our honey farm in Boquete. We treasure all types of bees and keep on the farm a wide variety of forage for bees, different types of native bees to illustrate how bees and plants are meant to exist together.

We are good local employers, we aim to provide jobs for indigenous families who work with us to produce the honey. The Nabe of Western Panama have excellent eyes for nature, they work bees carefully and spot nectar plants from afar. Beekeeping African bees is very hard physical work and without the tremendous bravery and strength of our Indigenous workers our business would not be the same. The ladies also take great pride in the product and help to process and sell the honey.